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Northeastern University is proud to offer the Full Circle Scholarship, a 25% tuition discount on 80+ graduate programs, to members who are currently in an AmeriCorps term of service OR have completed a term of service.

If you have other scholarships or education awards (ex: Segal AmeriCorps Education Award), you can apply those to your program costs, as well.

Because you chose to do something different and embark on a service-driven path, you gained new skills and valuable knowledge. The Full Circle Scholarship is designed to make sure you can continue your journey and stay inspired.

The scholarship applies to a diverse mix of graduate programs including fields such as government and civic engagement, leadership and management, education, healthcare, and technology. These programs are available online as well as on-ground at our various campuses (program availability varies by campus).

Please visit our website to learn more, and to view a list of programs eligible for the Full Circle Scholarship.

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360 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115
United States

Note: We have campuses in Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Seattle, WA; Silicon Valley, CA; Portland, ME; plus Toronto and Vancouver. Program offerings vary by location.

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Graduate Admissions Dept.
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Private, Title IV, VA Qualified
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