Bethel College

Bethel College will match funds earned in the AmeriCorps education award at a ratio of 1:4. For example, if a student earns the full $5,550 from AmeriCorps, Bethel will contribute a Bethel grant in the amount of $1,387, under the following conditions:

The student must be enrolled at Bethel at least half-time in order to receive an award.

The funds will be prorated if the student is not full-time.

The student must have completed one full term of service with AmeriCorps to qualify for the Bethel grant.

The Bethel grant will be limited to two years.

The AmeriCorps education award augmentation grant, when combined with other grants/scholarship dollars, can never exceed full tuition.

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Tony Graber
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300 East 27th Street
North Newton, KY 67117-0531
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4 Year
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