SCA AmeriCorps - State

Members will protect, restore and enhance public lands and waters as well as natural, cultural, and historical resources through the following duties: educating others through interpretative programs, tours, or programs, providing visitor services, leading volunteers in service activities, removing invasive plants/ planting native vegetation, trail restoration/creation, wildlife/fisheries banding, capturing, relocating, conducting surveys, assessments, or inventories, or conducting sampling efforts or monitoring plots.




Compare Your Options

Need some clarification on your options? There's hundreds of ways to serve within three program streams of AmeriCorps. View our programs page to compare the three program streams of AmeriCorps. 

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What is AmeriCorps?

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Education Award

When you join AmeriCorps, you won't just get an amazing, life-changing experience; you'll also receive an education award you can put towards your existing qualified loans or future education. 

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