The Corps Network's Education Award Program (EAP)

TCN's 3,000+ members will complete Environmental Stewardship projects across 42 states, improving 44,000 acres of public lands, 2,450 miles of trails/waterways and collecting 2,500 tons of recycling. Members, many of whom are Opportunity Youth, will be provided with educational and economic opportunities designed to lead to jobs and careers.




Compare Your Options

Need some clarification on your options? There's hundreds of ways to serve within three program streams of AmeriCorps. View our programs page to compare the three program streams of AmeriCorps. 

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What is AmeriCorps?

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Education Award

When you join AmeriCorps, you won't just get an amazing, life-changing experience; you'll also receive an education award you can put towards your existing qualified loans or future education. 

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