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Celebrating One Million AmeriCorps Member Milestone

On October 7, we will reach an incredible milestone for the nation as we surpass 1 million men and women who have joined AmeriCorps to make our country stronger.

Over the last two years —beginning with the 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps -- you helped us conduct a simultaneous, nationwide swearing-in of AmeriCorps members in every state and territory, on the same day, at the same time. The result was astounding, and we thank you for your leadership.

This year, we have another reason to celebrate and a duty to ensure the nation knows about this momentous occasion. The National Swearing-in Day for AmeriCorps on October 7, is an opportunity to welcome new AmeriCorps members in a nationwide pledge ceremony and to celebrate the 1 million AmeriCorps members who have and will get things done for America.  

1 Million AmeriCorps Member Milestone Guidance

What Can You Do

1.     Spread the word on social media

2.     Ask your AmeriCorps members and alumni to share their stories

3.     Identify your #1of1million AmeriCorps story

Connect your members with AmeriCorps social media: Between now and October 7, we will release content that highlights the many ways AmeriCorps members have been “one of 1 million” resources to local communities and the nation at large. Through both research and personal stories, we will tell how their service has made an impact on 1 million AmeriCorps members – during their year (or more) of service and beyond. Here are a few ways you can ensure you are part of the action:

Follow AmeriCorps and national service channels on social media:

Also, consider uploading your past or current photos on our 1of1million AmeriCorps member Flickr group. Please remember to add a detailed caption that includes the names of the individuals in the photo, where it is taken and a description of their service. 

Ask your AmeriCorps members and alumni to share their story: We must reach new audiences. That means engaging our best messengers – our members and alumni. After all, this moment is about them and the collective impact they’ve all made. To do that, we need to ensure that our members and alumni take ownership over this milestone and feel pride about being a part of an AmeriCorps family that is now more than 1 million strong. Aside from feeling pride, we need to ask them to participate and share their stories. Here are a few asks that you should have of AmeriCorps members and alumni:

Ask them to share their stories through two simple prompts:

  • What was a moment when you knew your service was making a difference in someone’s life?
  • What problem should the next one million AmeriCorps members work to solve?

On or before October 7, ensure they use the hashtag #1of1million and tag @AmeriCorps on Twitter and Facebook so their stories can be catalogued and shared with an even larger audience, showcasing the impact AmeriCorps members have had and will have in the future.

Later this month, we will launch a refreshed LinkedIn page for AmeriCorps. We will include guidance on why AmeriCorps members and alumni should make sure the word AmeriCorps is in their profile.

Identify your #1of1million @AmeriCorps story: Whether your event is on October 7 or another time this year, one key component should be an alumni or current member story that best articulates the impact your program or state has had.  Please share those stories with us at Our message is more powerful when we work together.

Any questions, please send us an email at

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Celebrating 1 Million AmeriCorps Member Milestone

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