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NCCC Application Nuts and Bolts

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NCCC Application Nuts and Bolts

How to Apply

Create a My.AmeriCorps account and complete the application at For assistance refer to the visual guide here.

Apply Now

Applicants may apply to multiple AmeriCorps NCCC tracks and cycles at once. All listings currently accepting applications can be found here.  Applicants can use the same application for multiple listings. 

Please note: There are significant differences between Traditional NCCC and FEMA Corps. Research the options before accepting or declining an invitation. Once a member accepts an invitation, he or she is no longer eligible to receive additional invitations.

Application Process

Refer to the Application Process Tool for accurate application information and deadlines, and contact with any remaining questions.

Please note: Dates in the application and selection process are subject to change.

NCCC Application Process

Corps Member applicants are notified of selection status within two months of application submission. Applicants are accepted, placed on the waitlist or not accepted. In some instances the selection process takes longer than two months. For questions regarding Corps Member selection status, email

Selected Team Leader applicants are interviewed by campus staff. Campuses extend offers one month after the cycle application deadline. Applicants are selected as a Field Team Leader or a Support Team Leader, and on occasion can be selected for an alternate position. An applicant is notified by campus staff if he or she is not selected.

Application Assessment

Assessments measure the applicant’s interest, motivation, flexibility, adaptability, collaboration and accountability. Such attributes are key to a successful AmeriCorps NCCC experience. Each application question and the applicant’s references are considered.

After the application is assessed, a notification email is sent to the applicant.

The Assessor may require further information to complete the application assessment. The assessor may send an email to solicit additional references or to schedule an interview. The interview is an opportunity to collect information missing from the application.


If recommended for service in NCCC, applicants are placed in a pool of eligible applicants. Applicants are selected based on the strength of their application compared to other candidates until the allotted member slots are filled. Members not initially selected are offered waitlist slots.

As spots on campus become available, waitlisted applicants who submit the required clearance paperwork are invited. These offers are sometimes extended with short notice – in some cases, only days before a campus start date. The number of selected waitlist applicants varies and is entirely dependent on the number of available slots. Chances of being selected from the waitlist are typically higher in the winter cycle.

If an applicant is not selected from the waitlist, he or she is encouraged to revisit and revise the application and reapply for future classes.

The quality of the application and the application submission date are considered when selecting waitlist applicants for service.

Withdraw or Decline

An applicant may decline or withdraw at any time during the application process. To do so, formally withdraw the application from the My.AmeriCorps portal or notify an NCCC staff member.


All applicants must pass NCCC medical and legal clearances. The clearance process begins when an applicant receives a campus or waitlist invitation.

Applicants must complete a Medical History form. Forms are carefully reviewed and individually processed. A licensed medical professional may contact the applicant or the applicant’s medical provider to gather more information. NCCC strives to accommodate individual needs and ensure the safety of each member.

Applicants must submit an official fingerprint card. The criminal history of each applicants – both NCCC Traditional and FEMA Corps – is reviewed. Any applicant convicted of murder or listed on the National Sex Offender Public Website is prohibited from service in AmeriCorps NCCC. All other convictions are evaluated by NCCC staff.

FEMA Corps applicants undergo additional screening conducted by FEMA. This process is separate from the NCCC legal and medical clearance processes outlined above. FEMA security conducts an initial pre-screening background investigation and a credit history check. After an applicant is pre-cleared to arrive on campus, FEMA conducts a complete federal background investigation that continues into the service term.

Create a

0 percent complete
10 minutes

01 | Create a Profile

We are thrilled that you’re about to embark on an exciting journey with AmeriCorps NCCC!


Let's Get Started

Create your profile at
Create Profile




10 percent complete
60 minutes

02 | Create Application

Create your AmeriCorps application at
Create Application

  1. After logging in to the MyAmeriCorps portal, click on “Applications” in the left-hand column
  2. View our Visual Application Guide for tips on how to create a strong application
  3. Click “Create Application” and complete each of the application sections

PLEASE NOTE: Open-response questions have a word limit



40 percent complete
Less than 5 mins

03 | Submit Application

Now that you have completed your application, you still must submit it to an open listing.

Submit Application

  1. Clicking "Submit Application" above will take you to a page with all of our open listings.
  2. Notice your 3 options when choosing a listing:
    • Choose a Corps: FEMA Corps or Traditional Corps
    • Choose a Position: Corps Member of Team Leader
    • Choose a Class: Fall, Summer or Winter, each class will have a different start date.
  3. Click on the listing that best fits you and keep in mind you can submit an application to more than one listing.
    • NOTE: If you are submitting an application for a Team Leader position, you will be asked to complete 2 additional essay questions and an assessment.
  4. Once you’ve selected a listing, review the program description and click "Apply Now" at the bottom of the page
    • Verify which application you are submitting – it is listed below "submit listing" at the top of the certification screen.
    • Read the certification and select one of the radio buttons
  5. Click “Submit”

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an email confirmation that your application has been submitted


50 percent complete
15 minutes

04 | Start Review Process

  1. Within 1 week of submitting an application, you will receive an Application Acknowledgement Packet in the mail
  2. Following the instructions in your packet, contact the National Service Hotline to make your Eligibility Call.
    • Hotline staff will provide additional information about AmeriCorps NCCC and FEMA Corps. You will be asked to answer 9 yes or no questions to determine your eligibility for service
    • After you complete this call, an NCCC staff email will e-mail you regarding your assessment and any next steps required.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless additional information is required from you, you will not be contacted on the date of your assessment

  • You must have two complete references
    At least one must be from a professional source
  • If your references have not completed their reference form, you can send them a reminder from the references section of your MyAmeriCorps account – sign-in here

Expect your scheduled assessment to be completed within three weeks


60 percent complete
0 minutes

05 | Receive Invitation

All eligible applicants are invited to serve at a campus or offered a position on our waitlist

  1. Receive your invitation to serve!
  2. Your invitation will include information about your campus, clearance forms, and next steps in the application process
    Waitlisted applicants must complete clearance forms to be considered for a campus invitation

Expect to receive an electronic invitation via email and an invitation packet via mail within one month of your assessment. Please click here to update your contact information



70 percent complete
60 minutes

06 | Complete Clearance Forms

  1. Complete and return your clearance forms within 15 business days
    • Fingerprint Card
    • Medical history form (4 pages)
    • Online survey
    • FEMA clearance documents (FEMA Corps invitees only)
      • Declaration for Federal Employment
      • Credit Release
      • Privacy Waiver
  2. Staff will contact you if additional information is required

Expect the clearance process to take 4-8 weeks

Prepare for

90 percent complete
45 minutes

07 | Prepare for Service

  1. Once selected to serve at a campus and cleared legally and medically, receive your Welcome Packet via email and inside you’ll find information about your campus, your living stipend, a helpful packing list and more!
  2. Complete the forms included in your Welcome Packet and return them to your campus – your travel to campus will not be booked if these forms are not received
  3. Join your class Facebook page, and get to know your fellow members
  4. Receive your travel itinerary one to two weeks prior to campus arrival via email
  5. Arrive on campus and begin service!

Once you have completed these steps, you are at 100% and ready to depart for service!


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