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Member Development and Training

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Member Development and Training


Team Leader Training (TLT) is held on campus, one month prior to Corps Members arrival.

Corps Training Institute (CTI), is held on campus, during the first 3.5 weeks after Corps Member arrival.  The purpose is to prepare all members for the service term and introduce NCCC’s culture, procedures, and policies.

FEMA Corps Members also complete an additional 7-10 day training, which targets specialized skills for work assignments relevant to FEMA Corps.


Between projects, teams return to campus for a brief period of time, typically 3-9 days. During this time teams debrief from the previous project, attend additional training, and prepare for the next project.

Independent Service Projects (ISPs)

Independent Service Projects are additional volunteer opportunities that members arrange. ISPs are separate from the day-to-day team project.

Members are encouraged to seek ISPs which serve an issue area of interest. Traditional Corps Members are required to complete at least 80 ISP hours prior to graduation. FEMA Corps members must complete at least 10 ISP hours in either disaster preparation, response, and/or recovery work.

Team Leaders are exempt from the ISP requirement, but can participate when it does not interfere with other duties.

Service Learning

Members are expected to conduct service learning activities throughout the service term. These activities inform members about the community and explain how the project work benefits the community. Examples include attending a community event, writing a story about the impact of service, reading local history, or visiting natural or man-made points of interest. Service learning provides a deeper understanding of the NCCC mission and the importance of service.

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