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AmeriCorps Initiatives

AmeriCorps initiatives focus on specific needs throughout our country. Whether it's providing opportunities during the summer for young people to get involved in service projects, increasing civic engagement and community resilience in low-income areas, or supporting the effort to inspire young people to excel in STEM education, our focused initiatives target specific problems that can be supported with a strong presence of national service. AmeriCorps initiatives leverage resources from AmeriCorps NCCC, AmeriCorps VISTA, and AmeriCorps State and National programs.

Resilience AmeriCorps

CNCS, the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -- with additional guidance and support from The Rockefeller Foundation, and programmatic implementation through partnership with Cities of Service to drive long-term outcomes-- announced the creation of the first-ever Resilience AmeriCorps in July. 

The two-year pilot program will recruit, train, and embed AmeriCorps VISTA members in ten communities across the country to increase civic engagement and community resilience in low-income areas, and help those communities develop plans for becoming more resilient to any number of shocks and stresses, including better preparations for extreme weather events.

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Summer Opportunity AmeriCorps

When school doors close for the summer, many young people and their families lose access to critical support that keeps them safe, healthy, and engaged. This summer “opportunity gap” contributes to breaks in achievement and college and career success, particularly for low-income students.

We are launching a new initiative, Summer Opportunity AmeriCorps, to build on existing national service programs that address this summer gap. This program will help young people, including high school students, who serve their communities earn money for college.

Summer Opportunity AmeriCorps recognizes the potential of all youth to contribute in meaningful ways to communities across the country through volunteer service. 

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Operation AmeriCorps

Operation AmeriCorps helps tribal and local leaders use AmeriCorps to accomplish big things in their community.  

As part of Operation AmeriCorps, we are asking tribal and local leaders to identify a high-priority local challenge that AmeriCorps State and National, AmeriCorps NCCC and/or AmeriCorps VISTA members can address in a relatively short period of time (no more than two years).

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STEM AmeriCorps

In April, 2013 at the White House Science Fair, President Obama announced STEM AmeriCorps, a multi-year initiative to place hundreds of AmeriCorps members in nonprofits across the country to inspire young people to excel in STEM education.

STEM AmeriCorps advances the goals of the President’s Task Force on Expanding National Service to build public private partnerships that expand opportunities for Americans to serve and increase the impact citizens have on our communities and nation.

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