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Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit given to individuals who complete a term of national service in approved AmeriCorps programs.  The award is named after Eli Segal, a pioneer of national service and the first CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

The award may be used to pay current educational expenses at eligible post-secondary institutions, including many technical schools and G.I. Bill approved programs, and to repay qualified students loans. 

Additionally, for AmeriCorps members who successfully complete their terms of service, CNCS will pay all or a portion of the interest that accrued on their qualified student loans during service. These interest payments are a benefit in addition to the education award.

Using My AmeriCorps

My AmeriCorps is the online system, which educational and lending institutions use to process, track and certify Segal AmeriCorps Education Award payment requests.  My AmeriCorps is a fast and secure way to submit and process payments.  An electronic record of each payment is made available to the member and the institution. 

Registration is required to access My AmeriCorps.  Registration is quick, easy and cost-free.  Once registered, your institution can designate an administrator, sign up for email notifications, access payment records and more. See FAQs for more information.

Loan holders can use My AmeriCorps to process a borrower’s forbearance request.

Payment Process

1. The individual with the education award submits a payment request to a registered institution

2. The institution receives the payment request.  The certifying official at the institution can select to receive email notifications or periodically log into My AmeriCorps to view the status of pending requests.  The certifying official completes a request by providing required information related to the request and certifying the payment meets the criteria.

3. The institution submits the approved (or disapproved) requests electronically to the National Service Trust for final processing.  Disapproved requests require an explanation. 

  • The eligible amount that an institution reports for current educational expenses must be based on verifiable and auditable documentation of these costs.  Do not simply enter the amount requested by the student.
  • When the amount requested is different than the eligible amount, the lesser of the two amounts is paid.  This applies to student loans and current educational expenses.
  • See the guidance letter to Financial Aid Officer for more information.

4. Payments verified by the Trust before 12:00 PM on Thursdays are typically sent by the U.S. Treasury on Fridays. Disbursement of payment for current education expenses depends on the enrollment dates entered.

Payments processed using the Voucher and Payment Request Form- when the eligible amount is the same as the amount the student requests, you must include a copy of the invoice vertifying the amount, when you send it to the Trust.  You can fax the voucher and the supporting documentation to the Trust on the secure fax line (202) 606-3484.  The National Service Trust reviews all manual (paper) submissions.

Education award payments are typically sent electronically using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs).  This is the fastest and most secure way to send payments. See FAQs for information about using checks.

Electronic Funds Transfer

An institution can receive electronic payments by completing this ACH/Vendor Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form and following the submission instructions on the form.  Institutions can also elect to receive electronic payments when registering on My AmeriCorps. 

Refunds to the Trust

Effective October 1, 2016, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has a "no check" process for remitting refunds for the education award and accrued interest payments disbursed to institutions on behalf of students and/or borrowers. 

All refunds can be remitted through the secure website  Search the AmeriCorps Education Award Refunds (Trust Fund) form and follow instructions. 

If your institution is unable to comply with remitting funds electronically, please submit a written waiver request for consideration.  Criteria for waiver approval is outlined in the letter sent to Trust vendors and is available here.  Send all requests to the Trust using the webform link contained in the letter. 


For more information about the functionality of the education award see Use Your Education Award.  For more institution relevant information review the FAQs

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