• What is Employers of National Service? (PDF):  This fact sheet provides an overview of the initiative.
  • What is National Service? (PDF):  This fact sheet gives more in depth information about AmeriCorps and Peace Corps. This is useful for people who are unfamiliar with the programs.
  • Educate and Engage Your Workforce (PDF):  This fact sheet highlights the importance of involving your entire workforce in the initiative and provides tips on how to do so effectively.
  • Design and Implement New Hiring and Recruitment Practices (PDF):  This sheet provides strategies on how to implement Employers of National Service into your hiring practices.
  • Dispelling National Service Myths (PDF):  This sheet gives the facts about some misconceptions about national service.
  • Alumni Profiles (PDF): This sheet provides brief bios of national service alumni who have successfully translated their service into work in a variety of sectors.
  • 25th Anniversary Toolkit (PDF): Use this sheet to find ways to celebrate the quarter-century anniversary of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps. The sheet includes event ideas, logos, hashtags, and more. 

Download Full Toolkit


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