The following fact sheets provide more information about the Employers of National Service initiative and strategies on how to implement it at your organization. Download the informational sheets that are most relevant to you and your organization, or download the entire toolkit below:

  • What is Employers of National Service? (PDF):  This fact sheet provides an overview of the initiative.
  • What is National Service? (PDF):  This fact sheet gives more in depth information about AmeriCorps and Peace Corps. This is useful for people who are unfamiliar with the programs.
  • Educate and Engage Your Workforce (PDF):  This fact sheet highlights the importance of involved your entire workforce in the initiative and provides tips on how to do so effectively.
  • Design and Implement New Hiring and Recruitment Practices (PDF):  This sheet provides strategies on how to implement Employers of National Service into your hiring practices.
  • Dispelling National Service Myths (PDF):  This sheet gives the facts about some misconceptions about national service.
  • Alumni Profiles (PDF): This sheet provides brief bios of national service alumni who have successfully translated their service into work in ever sector.

Download the full Toolkit here.


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