Senior Corps Operations Handbooks and Appendices

You can find the full Operations Handbooks for each Senior Corps program here:

Appendices are available at the end of each Handbook and below. Look for Microsoft Word and Excel versions of the appendices to edit for your own use. 

The appendices are organized into five sections to help identify the ones that are relevant to each program. These sections are identified below. Use the links to visit the section you're interested in or scroll down to see the full list.

Section A: All Senior Corps Programs

A.1.   Guidance on Recognition Costs

A.2.   Primer on Civil Rights Compliance

A.3.   Guidance on Closing Out Your CNCS Grant

A.4.   Senior Corps Progress Report Tips

A.5.   Quick Reference Guide for Senior Corps Reports and Due Dates

A.6.   Volunteer Tracking Software Distributors

A.7.   Acronyms Related to CNCS

A.8.   Fundraising FAQs: Forthcoming

A.9.   Optional Checklist for Station Accessibility

A.10.   Senior Corps Minimum Insurance Coverage Requirements

A.11.    Evidence-Based Programs and Registries

A.12.    Guidance on Prohibition on Fee-for-Service Activities

A.13.    Sample Data Sharing Agreement

A.14.    Sample In-Kind Contribution Form

A.15.    Final Rule Overview

A.16.    Final Rule FAQs

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Section B: RSVP Only

B.1.   Sample RSVP Memorandum of Understanding

B.2.   Sample RSVP Enrollment Forms

B.3.   Sample RSVP Timesheet and Mileage Request Form

B.4.   Sample RSVP Volunteer Assignment Form

B.5.   RSVP Letters of Agreement for In-Home Assignments

B.6.   Sample Job Description for RSVP Project Director

B.7.   Sample RSVP Volunteer Information Update Form

B.8.   Senior Corps and RSVP in Times of Disaster

B.9    Previous Change Logs

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Section C: Foster Grandparent and Senior Companions

C.1.   Sample FGP-SCP Memorandum of Understanding

C.2.   Sample FGP-SCP Volunteer Enrollment Form

C.3.   Sample FGP-SCP Timesheet and Mileage Form

C.4.   Sample FGP-SCP Project Director Job Description

C.5.   Sample FGP-SCP Volunteer Information Update Form

C.6.   Sample FGP-SCP Income Review Form

C.7.   Sample FGP-SCP Enrollment Checklist

C.8.   Sample VSY Calculator Worksheet

C.9.   Sample FGP-SCP Volunteer File Checklist

C.10.   Sample FGP-SCP Letters of Agreement for In-Home Assignments

C.11.   Sample FGP-SCP TB Test Form

C.12.   Sample FGP-SCP Physical Form

C.13.   Guidance on Social Security Disability: Forthcoming 

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Section D: Foster Grandparent Program Only

E.1    Sample SCP Volunteer Assignment Plan

E.2    Sample Senior Companion Position Descriptions

E.3    Senior Corps and SCP in Times of Disaster

E.4    Previous Change Logs

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