Chanh Trung Vo

Portrait of Chanh Trung Vo
Program Served: 
Homage Senior Services Senior Companion program
Years Served: 

Mr. Chanh Vo was born and raised in Vietnam and lived there with his wife and children until 1991. When political persecution and economic hardship made staying in Vietnam impossible, the Humanitarian Operation program relocated Chanh and his family to the United States. They settled in Seattle, where Chanh joined Senior Corps in 1993. He has served in the Homage Senior Services Senior Companion program for 25 years, assisting elder members of the Seattle Vietnamese community in aging with dignity in their own homes. Chanh’s fellow volunteers state that his “energy and passion for caring for others is infectious,” and his enthusiasm for national service has impacted his community for the better.  Chanh embodies the spirit of Senior Corps, and on the 25th Anniversary of National Service, we are especially grateful for volunteers like him.

Story Type: 
25 AmeriCorps
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