Disasters - Texas Floods 2016

2016 Texas Floods

Event Overview:  From March 7 – June 24 2016, communities in Texas endured multiple severe storm and flooding events.  The President declared three Major Disaster Declarations within two months for the multiple events (DR-4266 on March 19, DR-4269 on April 25, and DR-4272 on June 11). Across all the declarations, federal aid for Individual Assistance was available for 29 counties, many of them for multiple declarations. For the May flood, four RSVP volunteers serving with Brazos Valley CERT were the first national service volunteers to respond, providing assistance in the days following the flood at a shelter set up for area flood victims. 

320 National Service Members Responded

National Service Response:


  • 77 AmeriCorps NCCC members deployed on seven assignments, including working with:
  • Deweyville VRC, donations management, and mucking/gutting homes
  • Volunteer Houston to support VRC operations
  • American Red Cross to support damage assessments, bulk distribution, and feeding operations.
  • Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to support mucking/gutting operations.
  • 40 Texas Conservation Corps members deployed to the March and May floods. In March they established and managed multiple VRCs and mucked/gutted homes in all deployments
  • 1 AmeriCorps member with Ready Corps is supporting the setup of the VRC with Volunteer Houston
  • 2 Volunteer Now Dallas AmeriCorps members supported a virtual call center in partnership with ITDRC and Crisis Clean up
  • 1 AmeriCorps VISTA
  • 5 RSVP volunteers assisted Adventist Community Services with distribution of donated items in Deweyville.
  • 4 RSVP volunteers serving with Brazos Valley CERT provided assistance in the days following the flood at a shelter set up for area flood victims.  Two of those volunteers, plus one additional volunteer are currently involved in making damage assessment calls.
  • 11 RSVP volunteers who serve with Langetree DUCK Farm and Eco Center have worked together with VISTA volunteers to visit with flood victims and identify needs.  To date, 147 persons have been identified as needing assistance and are being referred to organizations providing services.
  • 15 RSVP volunteers serving with the Homeland Preparedness Project are assisting with various needs by staffing three area shelters for flood victims.
  • 49 AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team (A-DRT) members mucked/gutted homes in Brazoria County. Members deployed from: Texas Conservation Corps, Southwest Conservation Corps, and Tribal Civilian Community Corps.
  • 115 FEMA Corps members supported Disaster Survivor Assistance teams, Public Assistance, and Individual Assistance branch.

State Service Commission Activity

  • OneStar Foundation activated immediately, staffing the State EOC (Emergency Operations Center)
  • Coordinated with State VOAD and State Emergency Management
  • Coordinated requests for in and out of state national service requests


DSU Activity

  • Coordinated with State Service Commission, CNCS State Office, AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team (A-DRT) programs, FEMA, and voluntary agencies
  • Sent 6 Disaster Briefs (March 25, April 29, June 8, July 7, July 25, August 10)
  • Sent 7 Leadership Briefs
  • Held weekly meetings with deployed A-DRT programs to provide operational support



  • CNCS received one FEMA Mission Assignment (MA) for this response.
  • Direct Federal Assistance MA: $200,000
  • Mission of the MA: Primary role is muck and gut housing structures in Brazoria County.
  • Dates of the MA: 7/2/16 – 8/6/16
  • A-DRTs deployed under the MA:
  • Texas Conservation Corps (7/5/16 – 8/6/16)
  • Southwest Conservation Corps (7/2/16 – 7/26/16)
  • Hoopa Tribal Civilian Community Corps (7/8/16 – 8/3/16)
  • All other national service programs responded under their normal operating funds


Accomplishments (as of 8/5/16)

  • 324 homes mucked/gutted
  • 428 Damage Assessments
  • Conducted over 4,700 phone calls to homeowners to identify unmet needs
  • Served 6,515 meals
  • 38.8 tons of donations sorted and distributed
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