National Service Agency Honors Pfizer For Outstanding Pro Bono Service

Jul 15, 2009

Washington, DC - The Corporation for National and Community Service has awarded Pfizer Inc its Billion + Change award in recognition of the global pharmaceutical company's outstanding leadership in pro bono service.

The award was presented during the recent National Conference on Volunteering and Service, which drew nearly 5,000 volunteering and service leaders to San Francisco for three days of networking, training, and planning to increase the scale and impact of volunteering across the US and around the world.

Billion + Change is a three-year campaign led by the Corporation aimed at generating USD 1 billion in skilled volunteering and pro bono service to help nonprofits become more effective in meeting social and community needs. Launched in 2008, the campaign has already generated more than USD 400 million in commitments. Its long term goal is to make “pro bono” as common in marketing, finance, technology, and management consulting as it is in the legal field.

“Pfizer is setting a powerful example of pro bono service and corporate citizenship that we hope others will follow,” said Stan Soloway, the Corporation Board Member who presented the award to Pfizer. “The company's fellows program will have far-reaching impacts on both global and domestic health and provides an excellent example of how being a good corporate citizen can address social needs while strengthening a company's core business.”

“At Pfizer, we believe our greatest asset is our people. They are the value that we bring to society, whether it's through drug discovery, sound business practice or their ability to apply skills to work in close partnership with government and nonprofit partners as volunteers to help build health care capacity around the world,” said Caroline Roan, vice president for Corporate Responsibility at Pfizer.

“The Global Health Fellows program is just one way of sharing Pfizer expertise in a meaningful way. Our partners experience the value our colleagues bring to their work locally; our colleagues experience life-changing professional and personal growth – that's a value proposition that simply makes sense for everyone. Pfizer is honored to receive the Pro Bono Champion Award from the Corporation for National and Community Service,” added Roan.

Pfizer's corporate responsibility platform-Pfizer Investments in Health-invests Pfizer's full range of resources—medicines, people, expertise, and funding - through a coordinated approach to create sustainable solutions to health care challenges. The Pfizer Global Health Fellows program is a cornerstone of this comprehensive approach.

Since 2003, over 200 Pfizer Global Health Fellows have worked with more than 30 partners in 39 countries, collectively serving more than 160,000 hours helping to create health solutions for underserved patients.

In 2009, Pfizer expanded the program to include work here at home in the United States by working with HIV/AIDS community-based organizations and cancer care centers providing comprehensive health services to underserved patients.

As its Billion + Change pledge, Pfizer will contribute at least USD 18 million, or approximately 120,000 hours of pro bono service worldwide over three years through its Global Health Fellows program offering health care and health system support services to those most in need.

The National Conference on Volunteering and Service featured remarks from a wide range of national political, nonprofit, and entertainment leaders including First Lady Michelle Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jon Bon Jovi. The conference marked the national kickoff of United We Serve, a sustained effort to expand the size and impact of volunteer efforts in America.

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