National Service Agency Announces Funding to Engage Students in Service-Learning

Oct 27, 2009

Washington, DC—The Corporation for National and Community Service has released a funding notice for its 2010 Learn and Serve America “Summer of Service” grants competition, implementing a new program authorized under the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. The new grant funding – totaling $1 million dollars – will support innovative summer-time service-learning programs for students grades 6 through 9.

“These grants are geared to funding programs that will ignite the spark of civic engagement in students at a critical point in their lives,” said Nicola Goren, acting CEO of the Corporation. “Getting involved in service at a young age will start students on a path toward life-long service while at the same time, they address pressing needs in their own communities.”

The Corporation anticipates awarding five to seven grants to support collaborative efforts to implement community-based service-learning projects during the summer months. To qualify for funding, projects will have to provide students with service-learning experiences that address environmental or disaster preparedness issues relevant to the community served and teach or reinforce academic, civic and leadership development for participants.

Participants in the Summer of Service must complete at least 100 hours of service through the summer program and are eligible to receive a $500 education award in return for their service that can be used to pay for post-secondary education expenses. .

Eligible applicants for these awards include state education agencies, state service commissions, U.S. territories, Indian tribes, institutions of higher education, public or private nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations, public or private elementary or secondary schools, local education agencies, and consortia of such entities.

Funding for this grant competition is contingent on the enactment of the Fiscal Year 2010 budget for the Corporation. Click here for more information about this funding opportunity and instructions on how to apply. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. EST, December 10.

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