National Service Acting CEO Announces Veterans Service Initiatives

Nov 11, 2009

U.S. Senator Mark Warner to Lead Agency's National Call on New Veterans Corps

Washington, DC—Nicola Goren, Acting CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, joined First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden inaddressingServiceNation's MISSION SERVE event today, and assembled care packages for troops with leaders of national veterans organizations and students at George Washington University. Goren highlighted the agency's service initiatives that address unmet needs of veterans and military families and leverage veterans' expertise and skills to help tackle national challenges.

“For years the Corporation has made it a priority to transform the lives of veterans and their families through service,” Nicola Goren said. “It isour solemn duty to do everything we can to support veterans who have worn our country's uniform and sacrificed for our freedom, and come home wanting nothing more than to keep serving.”

At the event, Civic Enterprises released a report, “All Volunteer Force: From Military to Civilian Service,” that found that an overwhelming percentage of veterans want to volunteer as a way to continue serving and offers recommendations on how to best tap into veterans' passion to serve.

Goren added that, under the current Administration, the Corporation has significantly increased its efforts to engage more veterans in service and partner with veterans organizations to bolster projects that help veterans transition to civilian life. In August, the Corporation funded two innovative veterans service pilot programs in Washington State, taking a key first step to fulfill the vision for the Veterans Corps, an initiative led by the agency andauthorized under the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.Specific Corporation programs that engage veterans include:

  • The Washington State Veterans Corps Pilot Programengages 32 AmeriCorps members in a one-year project thataddresses the unmet needs of military families and supports victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries.
  • The Veterans Navigation and Coordination Corps Pilot Program engages 10 AmeriCorps members to serve new veterans on college campuses by helping them navigate the higher education system and take full advantage of the benefits they are entitled to under the GI Bill.
  • The Corporation leads President Obama's United We Serve initiative, which collaborates with nearly 50 organizations to help promote volunteer opportunities with veterans, for veterans and by veterans, including the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Disabled American Veterans.
  • More than 8,000 Senior Corps members participate in over500 projects based at 703 Veterans Administration facilities annually.These volunteers assist frail elderly veterans, help military retirees acclimate to life after active duty, and provide transportation to veterans in need of medical treatment.
  • AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps members regularly participate in “Stand Downs,” events where homeless and needy veterans receive a variety of services.

On November 18 the Corporation and U.S. Senator Mark Warner (VA) will hold a national conference call to discuss the development of the Veterans Corps and provide information about funding opportunities in AmeriCorps that promote servicewith veterans, for veterans and by veterans. More details about the conference call will be released in coming days.

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