Millvale's Tool Library Helps Build Community

January 1, 2019
90.5 WESA FM (PA)

Everybody should have a few tools around the house – like a crescent wrench and a Phillips-head screwdriver. But what about tools too big to store or too expensive to buy – or that you’ll only need once, or once in a while?For that, there's Millvale’s Maria Mongelluzzo Tool Lending Library. It’s a project of the Millvale Community Library that started in June and now has a catalog of more than 350 tools and sets of tools, from measuring tapes and extension cords to power saws and wheelbarrows.The tool library is named for the Americorps volunteer who came up with the idea. The library has been promoting itself at farmers’ markets, and is still taking tool donations, Malakoff said.

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