Amanda Young: How AmeriCorps Changed My Life

December 8, 2018
Gazette-Mail (WV)

Graduating from West Virginia University in Dec. 2014 was a thrill. I thought the world was my oyster and I eagerly anticipated the next phase of my life. I had no idea, however, that life after the safe bubble of college was going to be so difficult. Upon graduation, I could barely afford a room in an unfurnished apartment. I spent half of my time working as a waitress and the other half of my time in coffee shops sending my resume to employers because I couldn’t afford internet at home. Then the restaurant closed and my roommate left. At the age of 24, I found myself jobless and homeless. This certainly wasn’t the path I envisioned for myself. I had no income and no prospects. I was near rock bottom when a friend told me that a local literacy nonprofit wanted to hire an AmeriCorps VISTA member.

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