From Marine to Grandparent, Roddy Teaches Valuable Lesson of Self-Esteem

May 22, 2017
The Denver Post (CO)

Listening to Paula “Roddy” Godown recount the story of a student who realized he had the ability to overcome perceived limitations is as attention-grabbing as it is inspiring. The student, who quickly exceled among his classmates, is but one of the many success stories Roddy tells of during her time as a Foster Grandparent. “It really warms your heart when you know you helped a child understand something and that he can get excited about education,” Roddy said. “It’s just so exciting because they get excited.” Roddy is one of more than 140 Foster Grandparents in Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. The Foster Grandparent Program at Volunteers of America Colorado matches low income seniors who are over 55 with students at early learning centers, head start programs, elementary schools and Boys and Girls Clubs.

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