Blight elimination is goal of AmeriCorps members in Mid-Michigan

May 24, 2017

A team of workers has arrived in Flint and will be helping with everything from blight elimination to mentoring students with math problems. A house was an eyesore with tall grass, trash and broken windows. Now the grass has been mowed, the trash taken care of and the house boarded up, all thanks to AmeriCorps. "AmeriCorps is actually a perfect opportunity for people who want to be able to travel the country and see where they live and also be able to help communities while they do it," said Kaitlyn Blentlinger, an AmeriCorps member. About 120 AmeriCorps members in Flint and the Tri-Cities are helping in a number of blight elimination projects. Over a ten month period they will go to four locations around country, offering their assistance.

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