2013-16 External Evaluation for HFH National Service Program

HFH National Service Program
Implementing Organization: 
Habitat for Humanity Affiliates
Habitat for Humanity International
This report presents findings of an external evaluation for Habitat for Humanity’s AmeriCorps program from 2013-2015. The focus of the evaluation was to determine whether hosting AmeriCorps National Members and VISTAs expanded Habitat for Humanity Affiliates’ capacity to serve communities across the United States.
In 2014-15 surveys were collected from three sets of stakeholder groups to determine the impact of the AmeriCorps Program on Habitat for Humanity Affiliates and the National and VISTA members that participated in the program.
Study findings suggest that:
  • hosting members added capacity to the host organization,
  • members increased the likelihood of more home builds, more rehabs, and more volunteers engaged,
  • members gained work and life skills such as homebuilding and project management skills,
  • serving as a member with Habitat for Humanity increases interest in affordable housing development as a career, and
  • members felt more connected to the communities and families that they served.  .
CNCS Program(s): 
AmeriCorps State and National
AmeriCorps VISTA
CNCS Focus Area(s): 
Capacity Building
Economic Opportunity
Age(s) Studied: 
18-25 (Young adult)
26-55 (Adult)
55+ (Older adult)
Outcomes Category(s): 
Benefit to National Service Member/Volunteer
Study Type(s): 
Study Design(s): 
Quasi-Experimental (QED)
Level of Evidence: 
Year Published: 
Date Posted Online: 
September 15, 2016
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