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The types of evidence included in the repository range from impact and implementation evaluations to outcomes reports and case studies. We believe it is through learning from available evidence that we all can not only “improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement,” but do better each and every day.

For more information, check out the Evidence Exchange glossary and directory of clearinghouses and evidence reviews.


Criteria for Posting Grantee Reports: The grantee program evaluation reports included in the CNCS Evidence Exchange were conducted to meet specific CNCS program evaluation requirements (see AmeriCorps Regulations for AmeriCorps State and National and Evidence Evaluation for the Social Innovation Fund) and were assessed by independent, third-party evaluators. Program requirements also determine whether a report is posted.

The methodology and quality of any report posted to the Exchange may be determined through the reading of that report.

This repository does not include reports of performance measures (see CNCS Performance Measurement), which collect information on a program's ongoing progress but, unlike evaluations, do not assess the impact of a program. 


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