Environmental Stewardship

Each year, thousands of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members improve, maintain, and protect the environment.

AmeriCorps NCCC fire team huddles up


Lake County Fire Recovery, North Coast Opportunities; Ukiah, CA

Thirteen members of AmeriCorps NCCC completed 1,793 service hours alongside North Coast Opportunities’ Hope City, carrying out a range of tasks to contribute to the stability of fire survivors in Lake County. In a month’s time, the AmeriCorps team served in distribution centers for clothing donations in response to the Valley Fire. The team received, sorted, and distributed 825 pounds of donated clothing. With Hope City’s traveling food pantry, Corps members were able to distribute, inventory, and receive 21,946 pounds of food. The team also helped 141 disadvantaged youth by putting together bags of goods to give to teens negatively affected by the Valley fires. For the community as a whole, Corps members worked together to clear unwanted brush and exotic vegetation on 3 acres of land, performed a prescribed burn of 1 acre of land, and constructed, repaired, and restored 411 feet of irrigation systems.

The 14th Section: Creating Intermodal Opportunities, Ozark Trail Association; Eminence, MO

Eight members of AmeriCorps NCCC completed 1,031 service hours with The Ozark Trail Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing, maintaining, preserving, promoting, and protecting the rugged natural beauty of the Ozark Trail. All members of the team were certified as trail construction crew leaders, a certification recognized by federal and state agencies. The team’s work directly contributed to the goal of completing a 5-mile section of trail through the National Park Service before a grant expired by successfully completing 2.88 miles of the trail and clearing debris from an additional .74 miles of unbuilt trail. During inclement weather days, Corps Members had the opportunity to help a National Park Service Ranger facilitate an environmental education class for 40 elementary school children, support a historical building, and clean, organize, and prepare 4 buildings at a state park for future use. The work this AmeriCorps team accomplished directly contributes to the organization’s vision of stimulating the economy of one of the most improvised counties in Missouri through future employee opportunities with the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the Pioneer Forest, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

  • AmeriCorps NCCC members suppress and contain wildfires, restore existing hiking trails, and plant hundreds of thousands of native plants.
  • AmeriCorps State & National places thousands of members in projects dedicated to the environment, energy, and conservation.
  • Senior Corps RSVP harnesses the skills and experience of Americans who are 55 years and older to meet community needs including clearing, restoring, and building public outdoor spaces


RSVP volunteer cleans up community areas

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