Get Involved in Disaster Management

The Corporation for National and Community Service subscribes to the belief that all disasters are managed at the local level; as needs increase the support and management is elevated through the state to the federal government.  National service can play a powerful role on all levels of disaster (local, state and federal).  To ensure efficient and effective engagement , partnerships with local government and state Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) are essential.  By building these networks prior to a disaster, you can maximize the potential of your efforts by engaging national service in a disaster response.  

The NSDS is a tiered framework for a community, nonprofit, and/or State Service Commission to guide their relationship and role in emergency management through AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.  Each level has specific targets in order to attain as well as to maintain critical partnerships.  Click here for the one page overview.   

Blue Level: Identify and Connect

Yellow Level: Train and Prepare

Red Level: Implement and Lead

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