Colleges and Universities

CNCS is committed to supporting a culture of service on college campuses across the country. We collaborate with other federal agencies, colleges and universities, higher education and student associations, and nonprofit organizations to encourage student volunteerism and to promote a spirit of service after graduation.

Each year, CNCS expands its committment to colleges and universities by:

  • Investing in service-learning and campus volunteerism through various grants;
  • Recruiting schools for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award Matching Program; and
  • Conducting research, recognition, and other efforts to maximize student volunteerism.

Match the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

Be one of the many institutions participating in the Matching Program, and provide one or more AmeriCorps alumnus with a direct match to the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award.  Click here to learn more or fill out a commitment form.

Become an Employer of National Service

Employers of National Service (EONS) connects AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni with employers from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. This initiative gives employers increased access to a dedicated, highly qualified, and mission-oriented pool of potential employees, and gives national service alumni a greater chance to put their skills to use in the workplace. Click here to learn more or join Employers of National Service. 

 Give Academic and Additional Incentives to AmeriCorps Alumni

AmeriCorps alumni have the traits and skills colleges and universities value.  Consider the following ways your school can offer benefits to AmeriCorps alumni:

  • Grant general academic credit for each year of service, generally between three to nine credit hours.
  • Grant specific academic credit for subject specific programs, such as having your education-focused graduate school offer credit to AmeriCorps alumni who served with Teach For America or Communities in Schools.
  • Provide AmeriCorps alumni with preferential acceptance into academic internships.
  • Waive AmeriCorps alumni application fees.
  • Provide AmeriCorps alumni with preferential application consideration at admissions.
  • Offer AmeriCorps alumni housing or board assistance.
  • Offer AmeriCorps alumni preferential selection for work study.
  • Present AmeriCorps as a post-college opportunity at your Career Center.
  • Contact to learn about more incentives you could offer.

 Join us in a Day of Service

 Be a part of an AmeriCorps Program

CNCS Offices are staffed by federal employees who conduct public outreach and program support in states. They are directly responsible for recruiting grant and project applications from organizations in communities, and for overseeing all AmeriCorps State Commission, AmeriCorps National Direct, AmeriCorps VISTA, and Senior Corps resources within their states. CNCS staff work closely with governor-appointed State Service Commissions in each state.

State Service Commissions provide CNCS funding to AmeriCorps state programs in their states through annual grant competitions. Grants are made either directly to an organization or through an intermediary group that handles the distribution of grant funding. Visit our grants and funding opportunities section to learn more. State Service Commissions are also charged with encouraging volunteering in their states and often administer special volunteer initiatives.

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