2018 AmeriCorps State and National Grants - Targeted Priority

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Wed, 05/02/2018
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2018 AmeriCorps Funding Priorities
Application Deadline
Intent to Apply
Funding Announcement, Mandatory Supplemental Guidance, Application Instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions
Performance Measure Instructions
Technical Assistance Information

2018 AmeriCorps Funding Priorities

With this competition, CNCS seeks to prioritize the investment of national service resources in: 

Healthy Futures: Reducing and/or preventing prescription drug and opioid abuse

Child Wellness: In one or more of the following areas:

  • Reducing and/or preventing child abuse
  • Improving outcomes for child victims of abuse
  • Improving outcomes for foster youth, including youth aging out of foster care

Infrastructure: Working to improve or support improvement of one or more of the following infrastructure categories:

  • Aviation
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Inland Waterways
  • Levees
  • Ports
  • Public Parks
  • Rail
  • Roads
  • Schools
  • Solid Waste
  • Transit
  • Wastewater

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications to the 2018 NOFO is Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Organizations that propose to operate in only one state must apply through the Governor-appointed State or Territory Commissions. Each state and territory administers its own selection process and puts forward to CNCS the applicants it selects to compete for funding. State applicants must contact their State Commissions to learn about their state or territory processes and deadlines which may be significantly before the CNCS deadlines and may have additional requirements. The list of State and Territory Commissions can be found here: http://www.nationalservice.gov/about/contact-us/state-service-commissions

Single-state applicants from South Dakota are eligible to apply directly to CNCS for the FY 2018 competition. If you are a potential applicant from South Dakota, please contact AmeriCorpsGrants@cns.gov for additional guidance.

Intent to Apply

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a Notification of Intent to apply for this competition, but it is not required. Notifications of Intent to Apply should be filed by Monday, April 2, 2018. You can access the (optional) Notification of Intent to Apply here.

Funding Announcement, Mandatory Supplemental Guidance, Application Instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions 

2018 Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF)
2018 Mandatory Supplemental Guidance (PDF)
2018 AmeriCorps Application Instructions - Targeted Priority (PDF)
Guidance for Applicants on Creating Targeted Priority Projects in eGrants (PDF)
2018 NOFO Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) | Last updated February 8, 2018

Performance Measure Instructions

2018 Performance Measure Instructions (PDF) 
AmeriCorps Performance Measure Resources
Other AmeriCorps Performance Measure Resources (including Logic Models and Evaluation)
Evaluation Resources for AmeriCorps State and National

Technical Assistance Information

2018 Intro to AmeriCorps Members (PDF)
2018 AmeriCorps Key Terms (PDF)
2018 Intro to AmeriCorps Members (PDF)
2018 Categories of AmeriCorps Grants (PDF)
2018 AmeriCorps Program Management and Design (PDF)
2018 Evidence Checklist (PDF)
2018 NOFO Evidence Quality and Evidence Capacity Standards Resource (PDF)
AmeriCorps Regulations 45 CFR Sections 2520-2550 (PDF)
Uniform Guidance Resources
How to Develop a Logic Model (PDF)

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