Update: AmeriCorps Child Care online system will be changing

Below is a message that went out today to AmeriCorps members and providers who currently use the benefit. Members and providers applying for the benefit for the first time will just go right into the new system after March 20.

On Friday, March 17th, 2017 the AmeriCorps Child Care online system will be changing.  The website will be down at noon for approximately 72 hours to complete the update.  The new AmeriCorps Child Care online system will be user ready on Monday March 20th 2017.  The new system requires for AmeriCorps members and providers to complete new applications online.  Every user must create an account to complete their applications online.

If you are an existing recipient of the Child Care Benefit, please note that you will be receiving an email in the next 60-90 days with information regarding your credentials to log into the new system.

Below are highlights of the new website:

  • The new AmeriCorps Child Care website gives members and their child care providers all the information they need before they apply.  The information is specific to their state of residence.  (http://www.americorpschildcare.com)
  •  The new AmeriCorps Child Care website is easy to navigate via mobile devices. 
  • Members and their Child Care providers must register online to be able to apply.
  • AmeriCorps members and their Child Care providers can track their application status online via their user accounts.
  • AmeriCorps providers will be complete and submit childcare attendance sheets online.
  • We continue to offer payments to Child Care Providers via electronic deposit.  Child Care providers enrolled in Electronic deposit receive payments within 1-2 business days of having their invoices processed and approved without the delays of the postal system.  Child Care Providers can still choose to get paid by check if they prefer. 

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March 3, 2017
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