TTA Update for Commissions and Directs

To:                   State Service Commissions and AmeriCorps State and National Direct Grantees

Subject:           Training and Technical Assistance Update—May, 2018

Hey folks, happy Monday! We have a few TTA items for you today:

1. AmeriCorps State and National Update Call—The call will occur on Tuesday, May 8, 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern, and the call details and agenda are below. As a reminder, these are optional update calls, and grantee staff are invited to join the call in-person or listen to the replay later this month.

May 8 Participation Details:

Call number: 888-324-8104
Participant passcode: 5852820
Replay available until 5/30: 866-400-9642

May 8 Discussion Points:

1. Opening Remarks (Chester Spellman)
2. ASN Announcements and Updates (Chester Spellman)

  • Disaster Training for State Commissions
  • Symposium Registration Launch
  • TTA Update

3. Office of Grants Management Update (Bonnie Janicki)      
4. Office of External Affairs Update (Michael Cys)

  • Introduction of new OEA Director, Michael Cys

5. Office of Government Relations Update (Tess Mason-Elder)
6. Audience Q&A
7. Wrap-up and reminder of next call on June 12, 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern (Chester)

  • This is the 2nd Tuesday of the month to avoid conflicting with the Disaster Training for State Commissions.

What is the purpose of the monthly update call? CNCS offers an optional one hour call each month for all commissions and AmeriCorps State and National direct grantees to share timely announcements, review new research or resources, and answer questions. These calls originated years ago as communications calls, and they were led by the CNCS Office of External Affairs. In their current structure, the unified calls offer all grantees access to the same information and Q&A at the same time, and they include CNCS staff from several different departments. To re-enforce the access to information for all of our colleagues, we record the calls and make the replay information available at the same time as the participation details are distributed.

2. Upcoming Webinar for Commissions—The next AmeriCorps State and National training webinar will occur on Thursday, May 24, 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern, and the session will focus on orienting new commission staff to AmeriCorps and CNCS. The presentation will focus on CNCS resources available and expectations for commission staff and provide recommendations for phases of orientation and training for new employees. Participants will include staff of all State Service Commissions. Here are the details:

Title: New State Commission Staff Orientation (to be presented by AmeriCorps State and National staff with guest speakers from the Washington and Massachusetts commissions)

Date: 5/24/18

Time: 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern

Registration: Please click this link to register for the May 24 webinar. On the day of the webinar, you can join at Audio instructions are provided in Adobe Connect once you log on.

Target Audiences: The target audiences for this webinar are commission staff who are responsible for designing and delivering new staff orientations. This will allow participants to use the training material to create new orientations or improve their existing plans and systems for bringing on new staff. This training may also be useful for subgrantee staff as they bring on new program staff, orient and support service sites, and manage AmeriCorps members. This webinar will focus specifically on what new staff need to know about CNCS, what CNCS expects all commission staff will know and be able to do, and how to provide orientation in a phased-in approach. It is also intended to articulate CNCS expectations for commission staff and provide guidance on available resources to help staff learn about the organization and AmeriCorps implementation.

What are the purposes of the webinar? This webinar in one in a series of optional, online trainings provided to commission and program staff each year. The webinars are designed to help build organizational capacity and provide strong AmeriCorps service experiences. The content of the webinars range from broad organizational issues, like continuity planning, to more specific technical content, like completing the GPR or conducting criminal history checks. CNCS provides these sessions so commissions and directs can connect with a variety of CNCS staff and learn from their colleagues as guest speakers; guests are included in approximately 50% of the webinars. The webinar content is recorded and stored on the Knowledge Network or CNCS website.

3. How to Review Data Collection Plans Webinar Now Posted—The recording for the How to Review Data Collection Plans webinar, transcription, session highlights document, handout, and PowerPoint are now posted on the AmeriCorps Knowledge Network.

4. Unexpended Funds Conference Call Information—Attached you will find guidance provided by the CNCS Office of Grants Management to supplement the April 18 unexpended funds call. This guidance incorporates the questions asked during and after the call. If your questions about the unexpended funds process are not addressed in this guidance, please contact your CNCS Grants Officer and cc your CNCS Program Officer.

5. Reminders: Spring Cleaning—Last month, we let you know that the AmeriCorps State and National page of the National Service Knowledge Network will be cleaned out this spring. With the exception of the eGrants and MyAmeriCorps Portal tutorials, materials that are owned/managed by State and National and older than 2015 will be purged permanently from the system at the end of June. This spring cleaning will impact the following pages and their sub-pages:

**Please be sure to download and save any of the materials on these pages for your own use before June 29, 2018, and let your subgrantees/operating sites know about the spring cleaning. After June 29, the pre-2015 materials will be permanently deleted and no longer available to AmeriCorps State and National grantees.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this update.

Thank you,

AmeriCorps State and National

Published Date: 
May 8, 2018
Grantee Type: 
State Commission
National Direct
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