Opioid and Safer Communities NOFO, Application Instructions, MSG, and How to set up a new project

We are re-issuing the Opioid and Safer Communities NOFO. I apologize for the confusion this may cause. CNCS felt these additional six changes were necessary. The six changes are:

  1. Switched “will” for “are” p. 2
  2. Deleted the column “Evidence Based Planning Grant” p.4
  3. Deleted the two sentences about Tribes  p. 6
  4. Edited the survey monkey link p.8
  5. Substituted “below” for “above” p. 12
  6. Deleted “*” p. 14

The change that may affect you the most is that the link to submit the Intent to Apply is different.  If you have already released your state wide NOFO utilizing the previously released version, you are still in good shape.  The Intent to Apply is submitted by you, as a state commission, so should not affect subapplicants in your process.  Also it is not a mandatory part of the process but rather strongly encouraged. 

I have attached the clean version of the NOFO and the track change version so you can see the six changes. It was also pointed out to me that I had not attached the Application Instructions last time.  I have attached them to this email.  They are the same Application Instructions as GARP GRANDE.  No changes.

Published Date: 
February 10, 2017
Grantee Type: 
State Commission
National Direct
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