FY2017 Commission Investment Funds Targeted Priority Opportunity

CNCS is offering an opportunity for commissions to apply for augmentation of their FY2017 Training and Technical Assistance – Commission Investment Funds (CIF) grants in support of program development in specific Targeted Priorities. Please review the attached guidance for further details.

Last year’s process was straightforward and not burdensome.  We have further simplified it this year and the timeline reflects what we anticipate to be a focused and friendly process. This is a streamlined application process which will be handled via augmentation amendment to the existing CIF grants and which has a short narrative requirement.

  • Commissions interested in applying for this initiative should reach out to their Program Officer to request an amendment be created to the existing awarded “FY 2017 Training and Technical Assistance -  Commission Investment Funds” application. The Program Officer will initiate the amendment by which the commission may apply and will provide the commission with the Application ID of the amendment. If the proposed plan is approved, the amendment will be awarded; if the proposed plan is not approved, the amendment will not be approved.
  • The narrative portion of this initiative will be provided in the Amendment Narrative field of the amendment. Commissions with text already in this field may delete it and use this field to apply for this initiative. The Amendment Narrative field has a character limit of 6000 characters.
  • As described in the attached Notice: In reflecting proposed costs in the application budget, applicants should leave their existing awarded CIF budgeted line items intact and without revision. Costs associated with the application for this initiative should be reflected in the budget as new line items and should be clearly identified with “Targeted Priority” in the line item.

We will hold a conference call on Friday, August 18 to answer questions about this initiative. This call will be recorded. Call-in information appears below:

Call date: AUG-18-2017 (Friday)
Call time: 01:00 PM EASTERN TIME
Toll Free Number  888-469-2979
Participant passcode 6150342

Replay Phone Number  888-568-0043
Replay Passcode 1817
Replay End Date SEP-18-17 10:00 PM

Thank you,
AmeriCorps State and National


Published Date: 
August 16, 2017
Grantee Type: 
State Commission
Grant Competition
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