AmeriCorps State and National End-of-Year Grantee Progress Report (GPR) Instructions

Attached are the instructions for completing the AmeriCorps State and National End-of-Year Grantee Progress Report (GPR) for the 2016-17 grant year, plus important supplemental guidance that contains definitions for the End-of-Year GPR Demographic Indicators.  The end-of-year GPR is due on October 31, 2017 for all grantees and State Commissions who were funded in the 2016 grant year.  [For new 2017 grantees:  your first required Progress Report will be the Mid-Year GPR due in April of 2018.]  If the 2016 grant year was the final year of your program period, you will also need to submit a Final GPR that is due 90 days after the end of your grant. You will receive further information with the Final GPR instructions directly from your Program Officer.  Please note: Tribal Planning Grants do not complete this format of GPR and will receive different instructions from their Program Officer.

GPRs do not display for entry until two months before the due date. This prevents grantees from locking the enrollment and retention rates too early in the program year and minimizes interference between GPRs and amendments. This 2016 GPR will not be viewable and editable by you until after August 31. Please ensure any pending amendments on 2016 grant awards are awarded by August 31 to minimize GPR technical issues.

A tutorial on how to use the GPR interface is located here:

Please contact your Program Officer if you have any questions about the End-of-Year or Final GPR.

Best regards,

The AmeriCorps State and National team

2016 AmeriCorps End-of-Year GPR Instructions
GPR Supplemental Guidance Demographics

Published Date: 
July 24, 2017
Grantee Type: 
State Commission
National Direct
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