2018 Commission Support Grants - Instructions and Resources

CNCS is operating under a Continuing Resolution and, consistent with previous years, will award partial Commission Support Grant funding in December 2017. CNCS will award each commission a proportion of the 2018 allocation. The balance of funds will be awarded in a second or additional round of awards when CNCS receives a final appropriation. As a reminder, the 2018 President’s Budget proposed the elimination of CNCS. The actual level and timing of final 2018 grant funding will be subject to the availability of annual appropriations.

The attached chart (2017 CSG allocations) includes each state’s 2017 allocation level. Please prepare your budget assuming you will be awarded at the 2017 level. In subsequent funding rounds this amount will be adjusted up or down to conform to CNCS’s final appropriation. 

Required Actions for Commission Support Grant submission:

Commissions must initiate a renewal or continuation application for their Commission Support Grant in eGrants. Complete all sections, including submitting the required documents (Logic Model and Commission Board Listing). Indirect Cost Rate information must be entered into eGrants if included in the budget. For 2018 Commission Support Grant Round I, your budget request should not exceed your 2017 allocation base amount. This amount will not include supplemental award amounts or any unexpended funds the commission may anticipate it will have to carry over from this years.


  • 2018 Commission Support Grant Due Date: Thursday, November 9, 2017.
  • Clarification Period, if necessary:  November 27-29.

The schedule above was determined in order make awards to Commissions prior to the expiration of the current Continuing Resolution on December 8. Please note that Commission staff need to be available to resolve clarification issues to ensure that grants are awarded in early December. Failure to resolve clarification issues in the stated timeframe could affect the issuance of the award.

If you do not believe you can meet the published deadline of Thursday, November 9, 2017, you may request an extension via email to CommissionFormula@cns.gov. Please cc your Program Officer and Grants Officer and indicate the date to when you need the deadline extended. Please be aware that an extension of the deadline will very likely result in a corresponding delay in award. Please consider the expiration of the existing Continuing Resolution when requesting an extension.

Please remember awards will not be made to commissions if any of the following apply:

  • Overdue Federal Financial Reports;
  • Lapsed CCR registration;
  • Overdue closeout documents or overdue reconciliation between the HHS/PMS reports and the eGrants FFR;
  • Match is not being met; 
  • Outstanding Single Auditor IG audit issues;
  • Outstanding compliance issues;
  • Outstanding Federal debt; and/or
  • Significant FAPIIS and/or “Do Not Pay” issues.

2018 Allocation Amounts for the Commission Support Grant:

We do not currently plan to increase the maximum amount of the Commission Support Grant from the $850,000 level we established in 2017 and prior years.  We will publish final revised charts, including small state minimum amounts, as soon as our appropriation is enacted and we know the total available for allocation.

Use of Unexpended Funds:

If you anticipate having unexpended funds from your 2017 award that you desire to carry over into 2018, they will not be included in this budget submission.  Unexpended 2017 funds will be incorporated into your 2018 budget after CNCS receives an appropriation from Congress. The unexpended amount that you report in your January 31, 2018 FFR can be incorporated in the final budget.

It is extremely important that the amount you report in the January 31, 2018 FFR as unobligated is accurate. CNCS staff will deduct the amount you report as the unobligated balance of federal funds on the FFR due by January 31, 2018 when we award the remainder of your 2018 allocation. If your grant expires in 2017, you cannot carry over funds. You may request a no-cost extension and describe the activities you will support with the unexpended funds. No-cost extensions must be requested via email to your Grants Officer, with a copy to your Program Officer, no later than December 1, 2017, 30 days before the end of your project period. Expiring grants with $3,000 or more will be granted a no cost extension if requested.

Awarding the Remainder of 2018 Grants:

Please be aware that we do not know what our final FY 2018 appropriation will be and cannot guarantee that the remaining allotment of Commission Support funds will be at the same level as FY 2017. When CNCS receives its 2018 appropriation, you will receive a final allocation chart for the Commission Support funds. Your Program Officer will work with you then to make any necessary amendments to reflect your final 2018 allocation and to award the remaining balance of your allocation for the year.

If you have any questions, please contact your CNCS Program or Grants Officer.

Thank you,

AmeriCorps State and National

Published Date: 
October 13, 2017
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State Commission
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