2017 AmeriCorps State and National Grants-Targeted Priorities Subapplications Transition

This message applies to commissions with successful 2017 AmeriCorps State and National Grants- Targeted Priorities grants:

As you know, the process for applying to the Targeted Priorities competition included creating a new prime application on the FY 2017 AmeriCorps State and Territory Commission (New and Continuations) NOFA in eGrants in order to allow for the application and decision-making timeline for Targeted Priorities without impacting the award processing timeline of the commission’s other competitive grants.

Now that the Targeted Priorities competition is over and successful applications are ready for award, we will be working with the Help Desk to transition successful Targeted Priorities subapplications to the normal competitive commission cost reimbursement prime. The goal of this transition is to reduce burden—this change will mean that Targeted Priorities applications will not require an additional GPR separate from other commission competitive applications, and the change will also simplify the continuation application process.

Commissions do not need to take action at this time. CNCS will work with the Help Desk to enact the transition of the successful subapplications. This process will require CNCS to initiate amendments on the awarded competitive cost reimbursement prime so that the Help Desk can transition the subapplication. When the subapplications have been successfully moved to the normal competitive commission cost reimbursement prime, we will ask the Commission to confirm that the subapplication is complete and to resubmit it to CNCS.

Please reach out to your Program Officer with any questions about this process.

Thank you,
AmeriCorps State and National

Published Date: 
August 7, 2017
Grantee Type: 
State Commission
Grant Competition
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