2017 AmeriCorps Indian Tribes Grants Applicants- Clarification Period

The application review process for 2017 AmeriCorps Indian Tribes grants will include a clarification period that will occur during the period between June 9 and June 26. This period will include two rounds of clarification—an initial round of June 9-16, and a second round of clarification (if necessary) with a response deadline of June 26. During clarification, applicants may be asked to provide additional clarifying information about elements of their application or to make corrections to the application.

Although not all applications will receive requests for clarification, it is imperative that staff involved in the development and submission of the application be available. Clarification items might pertain to any aspect of the application. The application’s authorized representative or an appropriate substitute will also need to be available as resubmission of the application in eGrants will require it to be certified again. 
Please note that a request for clarification does not guarantee that an application will be approved for funding, nor does the lack of a request for clarification indicate that an application will not be approved for funding.

The grant process will also include a resolution period for successful applicants. During the resolution period, which will occur after applicants have been notified of the results of the competition, successful applicants will make corrections or changes to elements of the application, including Performance Measures, and provide additional requested information or resolve outstanding issues not satisfactorily addressed during clarification.

Thank you,
AmeriCorps State and National

Published Date: 
June 7, 2017
Grantee Type: 
Grant Competition
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