Alder Graduate School of Education

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2946 Broadway
Ste B
Redwood City, CA 94062 - 1510
(847) 910-9537
FY 2017 AmeriCorps Direct Fixed Amount and EAP

Executive Summary

Aspire University proposes to have 50 AmeriCorps members who will co-teach as teacher residents in high-need schools in Memphis, Tennessee and throughout California, including the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Los Angeles. At the end of the first program year, the AmeriCorps members will be responsible for improving student educational outcomes while becoming highly prepared teachers. In addition, the AmeriCorps members will leverage an additional 50 volunteers who will be engaged in classroom service.

This program will focus on the CNCS focus area of Education. The CNCS investment of $40,000 will be matched with $1,504,000, $0 in public funding and $1,504,000 in private funding.

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