World Sport Chicago

Contact Information

954 W Washington Blvd
Ste 600
Chicago, IL 60607 - 2228
(312) 861-4843
Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2014

Executive Summary

World Sport Chicago will have 40 half-time AmeriCorps members who will serve in up to 20 Chicago Public Schools as sports mentors. These sports mentors, part of the Becoming a Man -- Sports (BAM-Sports) program, will work with Masters-level counselors in supporting participants through a 30-week cognitive behavioral therapeutic curriculum. The program has been proven to strengthen social and emotional development and reinforce key program values in schools located in highly under-resourced communities in inner-city Chicago. A randomized control trial performed over the 2009/10 academic year showed that after just one year in the program there was a reduction of violent crime arrests of 44% among program participants and an increase in school engagement to the effect of increased predicted graduation by up to 9.5 percentage points (a 23% improved graduation rate for this population). The AmeriCorps members will be responsible for contributing to the continuation of this program and the benefits it has been shown to deliver.

This program will center on the CNCS education focus area and the state commission focus area on violence prevention. The CNCS investment of $265,736 will be matched with $200,000 in local public funding and $198,105 in private funding.

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