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Minneapolis, MN 55439 - 3053
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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

"Unselfish and noble acts are the most radiant epochs in the biography of souls." So wrote David Thomas (1813--1894), an English preacher and publisher. Volunteers of America -- Minnesota (VOA -- MN) brings a 116-year history illuminated by radiant stories of selfless giving in the volunteerism that constitutes our organizational DNA. We approach the Corporation for National and Community Service for a three-year grant to continue the RSVP program we have developed so that it will continue to flourish, engaging communities, individuals and families in connecting resources to people in need of life-affirming support.

VOA -- MN's RSVP program presents a three-year plan to improve lives, strengthen Minnesota communities and foster civic participation in 11 counties. We will recruit, train and support volunteers 55 years and older in rendering services to a broad spectrum of people and organizations seeking this invaluable support. In total, an estimated 703 RSVP volunteers will serve. VOA --MN's Primary Focus Area is Healthy Futures. To secure Healthy Futures, 434 volunteers will provide services in four strategic objectives: 1)home-bound older adults and individuals with disabilities will report increased food security; 2)our clients will report increased social ties, both through a) activities that protect independent living and aging in place, and b) activities that increase auto safety training and adjustments for seniors; and 3) Bone Builders programs that will improve health and increase strength. We present a vibrant network of partners including the Veterans Administration, County Veteran's Service Offices, AARP, TPT, the Area Agencies on Aging, Meals on Wheels, and Chore and Companion Services. We will engage 84 program sites such as food banks, community homes and accessible locations throughout the rural and urban 11-county area. At the end of the three-year grant, we anticipate measurable outcomes of increased household food security; increased social ties and support for elders and people with disabilities; and increased physical strength for seniors. The CNCS federal investment of $287,827 will be supplemented by $140,017.

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