World Sport Chicago

Contact Information

954 W Washington Blvd
Ste 600
Chicago, IL 60607 - 2228
(312) 861-4941
School Turnaround AmeriCorps Commission State Competitive FY 2013

Executive Summary

World Sport Chicago is proposing the expansion and enhancement of Becoming A Man -- Sports Edition, a program with proven impacts through a randomized control trial evaluated by the University of Chicago Crime Lab. The program, serving middle school-aged and high school-aged males from at-risk, inner-city Chicago communities, has been shown to reduce violent arrests, by over 40%, and increase school engagement to the effect of increasing predicted graduation by up to 9.5 percentage points (or up to a 23% graduation rate increase). AmeriCorps service members in Youth Guidance and World Sport Chicago's collaborative program will serve in Chicago Public Schools as sports mentors, working with Masters-level counselors in supporting participants through a 30-week cognitive behavioral therapeutic curriculum for social and emotional development and facilitating an afterschool sports mentorship curriculum drawing on and reinforcing the program values. The complementary interventions support and strengthen school culture by engaging a critically hard to reach student population and providing them visionary role models for mentorship.

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