Volunteers of America, Dakotas

Contact Information

1309 W 51st St
PO Box 89306
Sioux Falls, SD 57109 - 9306
(605) 753-6808
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Executive Summary

NAME OF LEGAL APPLICANT: Volunteers of America, Dakotas

A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE LEGAL APPLICANT'S ORGANIZATION AND ITS MISSION: Nonprofit spiritually based organization whose mission is to reach out to empower people of all ages to become healthier, self-sufficient, productive members of their communities.



THE SERVICE CATEGORIES THE PROJECT WILL ADDRESS: Independent Living, Food Security, Mentoring for Educational Success, and Other: Services to Veterans and their Families.

THE COMMUNITY NEEDS THE PROJECT WILL ADDRESS: Seniors and others at-risk living in rural areas without access to basic services; seniors with poor health or nutrition forced into senior housing; children performing below grade level; insufficient support for veterans & families.

RESEARCH-BASED METHODS PROJECT WILL USE TO ADDRESS NEED: Independent Living:by the Nat'l Center for Health Statistics 2003, CDC, Dep't of HHS (www.cdc.gov/nchs.). Food Security: research from the US Dept. of Agriculture (www.usda.gov), the Administration on Aging (www.aoa.gov), the FDA (www.fda.gov), and Meals on Wheels Assoc. of America (www.mowaa.org). Mentoring: 40 Developmental Assets of the Search Institute (www.search-institute.org, 2000-11). Veterans & Families include those for independent living, with additional information from the SD Dept. of Veterans Affairs (http://mva.sd.gov/veterans_affairs).

PROJECT'S ANTICIPATED OUTCOMES: Seniors will eat better and have more socialization and activity, so will have better health outcomes and be able to live independently longer. Rural residents, especially seniors, those with disabilities, and those in poverty, will have better access to services and a better quality of life. Children will meet developmental markers for their age (pre-school), will perform at grade level (school-age) and will show better socialization. Veterans and their families will have access to services they need and better quality of life.

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