YMCA Kingston and Ulster County

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507 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401 - 3919
(845) 331-2381
Commission AmeriCorps State FY 2012

Executive Summary

The Ulster County YMCA /BOCES AmeriCorps Partnership is a new applicant to The New Yorkers Volunteer and the Corporation for National and Community Service. This application is being submitted with the goal and intent to change, for the better, the lives of young people living in Ulster County whose individual circumstances are fraught with challenges and barriers to their potential success in life.

The cost of bringing opportunities for change to these young people is minimal compared to the long-term cost to society if these teens and young adults cannot be guided and directed to follow a path that is lined with enriching choices and chances to learn how to be productive, contributing citizens in their communities. The Partnership's program has a Federal cost per Member Service Year (MSY) of $ 12,150, for 93 slots for a total of 37.64 combined MSYs. This is a highly competitive rate representing less than $1,000 of the maximum State Commission cost per individual MSY. If awarded, October 1, 2012 will be the start date, year one will end December 31, 2013 and the program would end December 2015.

The Partnership has obtained and will continue to obtain significant and diverse non-Federal commitments to support program implementation with values that represent a significant 36% match, a noteworthy 11% over the first year requirement of 24%. To support the Partnership, the YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County, BOCES, Ulster Employment and Training, and Ulster County Community College, collectively, have obtained $238,286 in cash and in-kind resources. The Partnership serves in a community that has an excessively high poverty rate; and the primary area of service for this program is the city of Kingston, where 20% of citizens live in poverty, an astonishing rate that over double the national average.

The city of Kingston, the primary service location, lacks the presence of private foundations and corporations capable of granting large sums of money to area causes. This situation increases the need to leverage federal dollars to help solve the problem of insufficient opportunities for its citizens. As a neighborhood affects a city, likewise Kingston affects the State: therefore, the New York State and ultimately the nation will benefit when Kingston can be strengthened.

The Ulster County YMCA/BOCES AmeriCorps Partnerships' budget will provide funding for three full-time (1700 hrs) and forty-six half-time (900 hrs) AmeriCorps members along with forty-four minimum-time (450 hrs) education only AmeriCorps members.

Year One Goals:

* Seventy percent (70%) of the forty-six half-time members will earn their GED (High School Equivalency).

* Thirty (30) low-income properties or homeless shelters will be built or renovated.

* Thirty (30) local parks will be cleaned and made safer for the public by 93 members.

* 44 MT members will return to school or gainful employment.

* Ninety-three (93) members will be trained in disaster relief

* Two hundred (200) volunteers for the program will be recruited

* Forty-six (46) HT members will obtain gainful employment.

The total amount the Partnership needs to operate this program is $701,096. Of this, $,457,342 or 65% of the total will be provided through this AmeriCorps grant, and $243,754 or 35% of the total will be leveraged in the form of cash and in-kind from partners. The YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County will have comprehensive fiscal oversight from both internal and external independent auditors.

The Partnership team is committed to providing a high-quality, member-driven experience for all the young people who are accepted into the program; as well as delivering outstanding results to the individuals served through this program, and establishing The Partnership and its members as a source of civic and community pride in Ulster County.

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