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7375 Woodward
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Detroit, MI 48202
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Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary

Executive Summary- YouthVille Detroit

YouthVille Detroit is a nonprofit located in the North End Central neighborhood of the City of Detroit. The organization's mission is to benefit youth by facilitating effective partnerships. YouthVille was awarded a $300,000 planning grant from the Skillman Foundation to lead the Youth Development Collaborative, comprised of over 14 youth, community, and family serving agencies working collectively to develop a high quality youth development system for youth whereby service providers and community neighborhood supports can be utilized to collectively expand resources for youth.

YouthVille Detroit is requesting $ 200,000 in funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service to become the sole intermediary in an initiative to give 20 non-profits and faith based organizations an opportunity to address training, capacity and sustainability concerns with the ultimate goal of increasing their capacity to better support the educational outcomes for children and youth in the city of Detroit. Non-profits and faith based organizations in Detroit's Northend Central and Osborn communities will be targeted, but these agencies provide a scope of service that is city-wide.

A major portion of the funding will be used to provide training in education based youth development programming, community engagement, traditional capacity building, youth engagement, as well other topics proposed by involved organizations. Training will be accomplished utilizing the expertise of YouthVille staff and/or partner organizations as well as contracting with existing resources. Trainings will align to the development of a data tracking and outcome measurement system for youth in the Detroit area which is an effort already funded via a local foundation. The balance of training funds will be targeted to respond to specific individual requests from organizations to their individual organizational needs leading to increased capacity.

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