YWCA Central Alabama

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309 23rd Street North
Birmingham, AL 35203 - 3820
(205) 322-9922 164
Nonprofit Capacity Building Program 2011

Executive Summary


Applicant: The YWCA of Central Alabama, YWCA Central Alabama, North 23rd Street, Birmingham

Lead Partner Agency: The Alabama Association of Nonprofits, 800 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 315, Birmingham

Partner Agency: The Woodlawn Foundation, One 55th Place South, Birmingham

Partner Agency: The Literacy Council, 2301 First Avenue North, Suite 102, Birmingham

During the spring of 2010, seven organizations came together around the single vision of a holistic revitalization of Birmingham Alabama's Woodlawn neighborhood, becoming the charter members of Woodlawn United. Project Woodlawn will be a key addition to the Woodlawn United collaborative. Project Woodlawn is based on the philosophy that an established framework of performance management is the prerequisite and predictor of success for all aspects of nonprofit health. A nonprofit that employs a comprehensive performance management system will achieve a greater community impact.

Project Woodlawn has two goals: 1) to assist twelve small to midsize nonprofits, the project's primary beneficiaries, in implementing comprehensive performance management systems that have long term sustainability and 2) to provide comprehensive capacity building to the twelve primary beneficiaries as well as 38 additional small to midsize nonprofits, the secondary beneficiaries. The following approaches/methods will be employed for the primary and secondary beneficiaries, respectively: the Building a Performance Measurement System developed by RootCause Social Impact Research and the Standards for Excellence Program' sponsored by the Standards for Excellence Institute.

The geographic service area for Project Woodlawn is the community of Woodlawn located in the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. Jefferson County is located in Alabama's 6th and 7th Congressional Districts.

Project Woodlawn requests $200,000 which will be matched 100% by private foundation funds.

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