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Data Sources

Under the Open Government Directive, CNCS has posted three new high-value datasets, the first of many datasets we will be releasing. You can access them below, along with links to more than 20 more feeds to get real-time information on grant competitions, news, photos, videos, and more. Come back again as we add more datasets.

  • Results of Grant Competitions  
    This tool displays information pertaining to the CNCS grant application review process, including a list of compliant applications submitted to CNCS, executive summaries for compliant applications, and the list of successful applicants.
  • All for Good API
    This API allows client applications to retrieve and view thousands of volunteer opportunities across the United States.
  • CNCS Sustainability Plan
    This plan describes how CNCS will fulfill its commitment to increased energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Report on Conference Activities
    This report details CNCS conference activities.


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