NSCHC Recorded Training Calls and PowerPoint Presentations

2017 Regional Conferences: National Service Criminal History Checks 101

NSCHC Enforcement Guide Tools and Templates for CNCS Recipients

(These tools can be used in conjunction with the NSCHC Enforcement Guide, effective April 1, 2017. They are not required.)

Access the NSCHC Enforcement Guide here.

  • NSCHC Simple Log (Excel) and Instructions
    (This is a tool for grantees to collect information and required documentation in cases of NSCHC noncompliance; it does not have cells with formulas. Includes all required documentation.)
    [Due to its large size, this Excel document can’t be made 508-compliant. Please send an email to CHC@cns.gov for assistance. A member of the CNCS staff will help you access the document.]
  • Enforcement Email Templates for AmeriCorps VISTA and Senior Corps (Microsoft Word) (PDF)
    (These templates should be used by AmeriCorps VISTA and Senior Corps recipients to self-report NSCHC noncompliance.)
  • Enforcement Email Templates for AmeriCorps State and National and Social Innovation Fund (Microsoft Word) (PDF)
    (These templates should be used by AmeriCorps State and National and Social Innovation Fund recipients to self-report NSCHC noncompliance.)

NSCHC Enforcement Guide Training for CNCS Recipients (March 2017)

AmeriCorps State and National

AmeriCorps VISTA

  • Enforcement Guide Training for AmeriCorps VISTA (PDF) (Audio), March 23, 2017
    [Please note that due to technical difficulties, the audio presentation linked above ends abruptly. However, CNCS staff covered all training material with the exception of the last slide, which is a summary of the presentation. We apologize for any inconvenience.] 

Senior Corps

Social Innovation Fund

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