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Summer of a Million Books - We're Halfway There!

For parents looking to ensure that their children don’t start the school year behind the rest of the class, heading to the pediatrician may not be the obvious solution that comes to mind. But Reach Out and Read hopes to change that.

Washington Redskin Chris Draft and Teammates Join Secretary Duncan for “Let’s Read. Let’s Move.”

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Washington Redskin and education activist Chris Draft and 100 local students from Wheaton Woods Elementary School and Columbia Heights Youth Club joined Secretary Arne Duncan at the Department of Education (ED) for the third installment of ED’s “Let’s Read. Let’s Move.” summer enrichment series.

Summer of a Million Books

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it is also the time when many students experience summer learning loss. By not picking up a book throughout the summer months kids go into the upcoming school years steps behind those who have. Reading 5 books during summer vacation can help combat the effects of summer learning loss. For many students access to books is the biggest challenge.

Join communities nationwide and celebrate Summer Learning Day!

All kids lose knowledge when they don’t have opportunities to practice what they’ve learned during the summer months. In fact, research shows that without effective summer learning opportunities:
  • Most students fall more than two months behind in math over the summer.
  • Low-income children fall behind two to three months in reading each summer, while their middle and upper-income peers make slight gains.

Federal Partners Help Kids Develop Strong Minds

U. S. Department of Education

Reading five books over the summer prevents learning loss. Working with the Department of Education, Let's Read. Let's Move. will increase awareness about the critical importance of summer learning and encourage Americans to read to children. Additionally, DOE’s 2010 Summer Enrichment Series will invite Cabinet members, Administration officials, and other public figures to read children’s books, promote healthy lifestyles, and participate in games and fitness activities with children in pre-kindergarten through third grade.

Helping spread the joy of reading, one book at a time

For most teenagers, the stresses of school, homework, friends, and extra-curricular activities are enough to fill the daily schedule. But not for Zoe Gates.


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