Safety and Security

An Ongoing Conversation with the Troops

I have been battling some medical conditions. I use to be flat in bed for five and a half, and now live with daily chronic pain. However, I have been sending all handwritten letters to the troops since Nov. 2000.

I have received more mail from service members than from my own friends and family. They write how much receiving a letter of support means to them. My Books for Soldiers, friends laugh and say my wrists must be made out of steel. When I write a letter, it lets me express myself and my patriotism beyond my house.

Etowah County Alabama Responds to United We Serve

I am the Director of RSVP in Etowah County, Alabama, and am also actively involved with our Citizen Corps Council/VOAD. With the Citizen Corps Council/VOAD, RSVP hosted an informational meeting on August 24, 2009 - to kick off Safety and Security Week and also build up to 9/11.

A Little Bit of Home in Afghanistan

Karen Ehlert is sure “it’s pretty darn cold’ in the mountains of Afghanistan in the winter. With her 27 year old son, Ted, serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Karen decided she wanted to help his squad.

She received an e-mail from Ted with an idea – knitted helmet liners. They cover the head and neck, leaving only the eyes and nose exposed. “They are not exactly a fashion statement, but I can imagine they’re nice and warm” Karen said. “I do a lot of sewing, a lot of crafting, and I don’t think he knew I couldn’t knit,” Karen commented of her son’s suggestion.

Pocket Flag Project

On September 11th, the 570 children in one of our neighborhood schools folded and prepared to send more than 2000 pocket-sized American flags.  The Flags were folded into the traditional triangle and combined with a note from each student, and will be sent to service men and women serving overseas.  We chose this day to honor the military men and women who sacrifice so much so that we may enjoy the blessings and freedoms of living in the United States of America.

Fulfillment After Retirement

When I retired nearly four years ago, I never dreamed I would have so many interesting jobs and experiences. I am part of the Jefferson County SCSEP program and have been assigned to the American Red Cross Service Center in Bessemer, Alabama.

My community service assignment is to act as receptionist. However, I am now a volunteer and am receiving training in "Mass Sheltering", "Community Disaster Relief," "Client Casework" and "Health and Safety". I believe this training will prepare me to make a difference in the lives of people in emergency situations.

When Service Makes a Sustained Community Impact

Mike L., a member with the American Red Cross’ AmeriCorps Together We Prepare program, has been making quite an impact on Washtenaw County in Michigan. Through his service with the county’s Red Cross chapter, Mike’s usual service has been organizing a youth service group called Youth Community Action Team (YCAT) and responding to local disasters.  But following an AmeriCorps training session, another opportunity presented itself.

25 Years of Volunteerism with National Military Family Association

Working for a company for 25 years shows loyalty—volunteering for an organization for 25 years is much more than just loyalty. It is dedication, selflessness, and passion for what one does. Wanda Allen-Yearout is one of only a few individuals with this huge accomplishment, but she is very modest about it.

Are You Fire Ready, Montana?

During United We Serve's Safety and Security Week, the Montana Governor's Office of Community Service had a great time in Lockwood on the last day of our Fire Ready Montana tour! It was a beautiful day and all the local fire and emergency officials were there, along with several community booths. Residents came out with their kids to meet Smokey Bear and enjoy the fire truck demonstrations. It truly was a community event!

Volunteering with Retired and Senior Volunteer Program - Repaying Those Who Have Helped Me

I am a volunteer with RSVP because of events that happened in my life. I am a product of the Military. I served approximately thirty-three years in the Army. My assignments include duty with a number of Special Forces Units, the Institute for Military Assistance and several Army Airborne Divisions. Following my Military Service, I worked as a contractor in a remote area of Africa. This was followed by approximately twelve years with the Department of State in the Foreign Service. I am fortunate in that throughout all of these jobs I was never ill and took any medication.

RSVP Volunteers Begin New Partnership with the US Army, Assisting Arsenal Island Disaster Drill

RSVP Senior Corps volunteers began a new partnership with the US Army by assisting the Arsenal Island Disaster Drill. On August 13th, 18 RSVP volunteers participated in a disaster drill at the U.S. Army’s Rock Island Arsenal on Arsenal Island between Davenport and Rock Island in the Mississippi. Volunteers participated as victims in a simulated poisonous gas release. They went through triage on site then were transported to hospitals on both sides of the river. Afterwards several answered questions about their experience.


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