A Commitment to Serve

Rebecca is confined to a wheelchair and has some difficulty speaking due to her Cerebral Palsy. Three days a week, however, she has been a devoted volunteer for the Salinas Family YMCA in California for over two years. She greets people with a wonderful smile and her entire body, joking with “the regulars” and exemplifying the kind of welcoming atmosphere that YMCA wishes to offer its communities.

VISTA’s Social Media Project Raises Suicide Awareness

I am an AmeriCorps VISTA member serving in Montana with the Global Health Equity Foundation on their social media based project titled "Let's Talk." This project allows me to work toward enabling Healthy Futures in a different way. In fact, I'm the only member working on a mental health project in the state.

Harnessing the Power of Service to Build a Healthier Nation

Good health is something many of us take for granted, until we get sick. Only then are we reminded of everything it takes to get healthy again. But what if those things were out of reach? Fifty million Americans don’t have access to basic healthcare or know how to get it, a driving force behind why Community HealthCorps, an AmeriCorps program, continues to grow after nearly 20 years of service.

World AIDS Day: Working Toward an AIDS-Free Generation

On Saturday, Dec. 1, the global community observes World AIDS Day as the march continues toward creating an AIDS-free generation. AIDS United, a Social Innovation Fund (SIF) and AmeriCorps grantee, is one of many groups supporting the work on the front lines of this epidemic.

Five Ways to Take a Stand Against Bullying

Each day more than 160,000 U.S. children stay home from school because they fear being bullied. Kids were once asked to accept and endure this treatment. But no longer. Children and adults are now taking a stand during National Bullying Prevention Month to end this form of harassment.

10 Tips for Raising Healthy Families

Raising healthy families can be a challenge in today's busy world, but an investment in a healthy lifestyle will reap many benefits for years to come. This is especially true for children, who are better equipped to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle when they are exposed to these habits early on.

Senior Volunteers, but not the Retiring Type

This month we're turning the spotlight on a group of volunteers who are still serving at ages when most of us plan to put our feet up and relax a little. In honor of their devotion to service during their senior years, let's take a moment to recognize their volunteer efforts during Older Americans Month.

Toddlers Win Over Foster Grandparent

Even though she spent 27 years working as a cashier at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC, Sadie Queen didn't have the opportunity to work with children a lot – until now.

Getting to Zero: Ending the AIDS Epidemic Through Service

“We can re-build him. We have the technology.”

Remember that classic opening line for the show The Six Million Dollar Man? A version of that line has been going through my head as we observe this year's World AIDS Day.

“We can end AIDS. We have the technology.”

A Relationship to Depend On

A elderly gentleman waits for a ride.

Sight Savers: RSVP Volunteers Help Screen Children's Vision

RSVP volunteers of Daviess County Indiana perform vision screenings for preschool children.


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