Energy and the Environment

American Hiking Society--Repairing and Restoring One Segment of Trail at a Time

Our team members grab a cup of coffee, some eggs and bacon, a tool, and a hardhat – and the day’s adventure begins. This scenario is repeated all over the country, from a western high desert to a Caribbean beach, from a windy pass in the Rockies to an island forest.

Lending a Hand with the Boy Scouts

The current economic downturn and challenges of raising a family in the 21st century has an impact on young boys. Family separations, divorces, a parent's loss of employment, and the transition from a boy to a young adult are faced by boys across America. I am proud to help many of those boys in Fairbanks, Alaska become productive citizens as adults. Being a Boy Scout Troop Scoutmaster provides me an opportunity to lend a hand, share an encouraging word, and yes, give necessary advice. It is a year-round volunteer position with many rewards.

Remembering and Rebuilding

To honor the first annual September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance, Rebuilding Together, the organization I am serving my AmeriCorps term with partnered with United We Serve to distribute 50,000 outreach bags filled with energy efficient savings information in 19 states.

Boys & Girls Club Members Conduct Energy Audits

EPA's Energy Star and Boys & Girls Club offer Dallas homeowner a youthful energy check-up.

Plano, Texas resident Windy Wiley opened her doors to five teens from the Collin County Boys & Girls Clubs for a home energy check-up in September. As part of a community service partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the five young energy experts in training toured Wiley’s home and shared tips for saving energy and money on utility bills.

Going Geothermal in Alaska

Bruce Burwell is currently serving as a VISTA Energy Program Member for the Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc in Tenakee Springs, Alaska. In rural Alaskan communities, the cost of energy is extremely high. Bruce decided to look into the community’s natural hot springs as a potential energy source.

Creating A New Path for Walkers and Their Dogs

Creating a New Path is a Learn and Serve America subgrantee at CASMAN Alternative Academy in Manistee, Michigan. Students at the school recognized a need for a better place to walk dogs instead of down a dirt road. Partnering with their local Humane Society, the students set about creating a pleasant walking and training environment for dogs and volunteers at the Homeward Bound Animal Shelter.

California Students Undertake Watershed Project

California Lutheran University students partnered with the city for a Ventura Riverbed cleanup on August 31, 2009. More than 600 students from California Lutheran University (CLU) joined forces with the City’s Volunteer Ventura! program for the second annual Ventura Riverbed cleanup.

A Los Angeles Community Re-invests in a Garden -- And Each Other

Crenshaw High School opened in 1968 in the historic Crenshaw District of South Los Angeles. Students here face more than the normal teenage dramas; they also deal with shifting cultural alliances and the threat of gang violence. Economic issues are also a concern; 85% of the students qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

Long Island Students Pitch In On Public Lands Day

The students of Woodmere Middle School Team 8A continued their commitment to “Campaign Earth” -- a living unit in interdisciplinary learning and environmental service -- with a second trip to the Town of Hempstead's Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside to complete a service-learning project.

Young Leaders Participate on First Official 9/11 Day of Service

Youth from across the nation came together in Keystone, Colorado to take part in the first official September 11 Day of Service and Remembrance. The volunteers from the Natural Leaders Network planted trees at Prospector campground in service to the environment and in honor of fallen heroes.


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