Last Call for Honor Roll Applications!

A George Washington University student particpates in a day of volunteer service in 2009.

Coming Together to Advance the Community

Hispanic leaders in Colorado, like so many in the United States, are committed to addressing challenges and improving opportunities for their community. They want to work with the Federal government to understand policies, access information, leverage resources, and build collaboration that will help provide solutions to pressing concerns. In Denver, I saw this commitment first hand.

Proud Student of an Honor Roll College: The President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

A George Washington University student participates in a school-wide freshman day of service on September 11th, 2009.

Evidence of Success: President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Last week, the Corporation for National and Community Service joined the Department of Housing and Urban Development for an event called “Evidence of Success: Institutions of Higher Education Engaging Communities.” Together, the two agencies hosted a discussion on the role that institutions of higher education play in stimulating local economies.

Back to School: A Little Older, A Lot Wiser


Sports Plus Benefits

My partners and I have started an off season youth football camp to better prepare the youth of our community in the fundamentals of the game and at the same time keep them occupied and off the streets.

We also monitor their grades and conduct in school.  Our camp consist of two phases, one is speed and agility and the other is position specific training (quarterback,running back,etc.).  We run the camp three days a week for one and a half hours a day.  The coaches that are involved in the program are all local youth coaches from different parks in the area.

 An MLK Day Experience to Not be Forgotten

I am currently serving my second AmeriCorps term with Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP) in Washington, DC. YSOP coordinates opportunities for youth to engage in meaningful service in Washington, DC and New York City.

Wheels for Education

I have taken the call of our President. I started an organization in my Community called ' Wheels for Education " . What we do is take students from the inner city of Philadelphia to College campuses. Education is the key that will unlock the doors for these children.

We took our first tour to Lincoln University. If you could see the light in those students it was first time they had seen a college campus. At the end of our first tour every student asked for an application.


Gary van der Wege, a member of the 2004 U.S. Paralympic Fencing Team, visited with the youth at the Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio on September 11th.

Gary shared with the club his inspiring story of how he became a paralympian. Gary stressed that even though he was involved in a severe motorcycle accident in 1995 that put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, he hasn't stopped belieiving in his dreams.

Responding to Obama's Call to Service Abroad 

We have heard your engaging message across the Atlantic. Since President Obama and the First Lady have launched "United We Serve" in June, the students of the American School of Barcelona, Spain, from pre-school to high school, are responding enthusiastically to your call of service with volunteerism in our community to strengthen the world.


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