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George Washington University students participate in a painting project on the Freshman Day of Service during the 2013 September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance. (Corporation for National and Community Service photo)

Every day, college students help their communities in a variety of ways, from tutoring and mentoring children, to raising funds for worthy causes, to helping families recover from hurricanes and other disasters. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the nation has witnessed a significant upsurge in volunteering by college students.

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is committed to building on this momentum and supporting a culture of service on college campuses. Each year, we invest more than $150 million in expanding service-learning and campus volunteering through grants; Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards; and research, recognition, and other initiatives.

CNCS is working with other federal agencies, colleges and universities, higher education and student associations, and nonprofit organizations to encourage even greater levels of college student volunteering and to ensure that college graduates embark on a lifetime of service.

This page describes the ways we can support your civic mission and engage more students in making a difference in their communities. It also gives information on colleges and universities that are providing tuition aid, academic credit, and other assistance to students who have served their communities and country through the AmeriCorps national service program.

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